Job saw brings you different experience

What is the market demand of woodworking sawmill for you? How can we meet our market demand better?

The saw blade of woodworking saw must have the strength of resistance to extrusion, plasticity and heat resistance to a certain extent, so that the tooth edge of the saw blade will not be blunt.

The core of woodworking saw is saw tooth. The design of tooth shape and saw path of saws with different cutting purposes are also different. The shape of the tooth edge is related to the angle of the saw tooth. The larger the angle formed by the saw tooth angle and the root line of the saw blade is, the weaker the sawing force is, and the sawdust is easy to be discharged. On the contrary, the smaller the angle is, the stronger the sawing force is, and the sawdust is not easy to be discharged. The hardness and dryness of wood materials also determine the sawtooth angle. For example, when sawing hard or dry wood, the sawtooth angle of woodworking saw should be smaller, while when sawing soft or wet wood, the sawtooth angle should be larger as much as possible.

A good woodworking saw can give you a different experience.